Venois Datacenters

We have problem free data network in five different data centers in the three continents.


Venois provides problem free data center services that reduces the costs to a minimum level.

We provides a problem free, controlled, fast, reliable, and 99.99% accessibility setting for your servers.


Our internet access foundation is always ready for accessibility with backup of Turk Telecom, Turk Telecom International, Superonline, Vodafone and Turknet. You can get service with our high speed port.


The temperature and humidity conditions of data centers are controlled by cooling systems and all of our systems work with N+1 and N+2 configuration.


Via data center private watching platform, all of the building, system rooms, cooling and electric systems are observed and controlled.


Our electric systems are serviced by backed up N+N electric systems and respectable UPS devices of the country. All of our electric foundation is supported by %100 real backup generators.
Trustable and Trouble-free Data Center Services