Information here on this page, stands for the purpose of statement of terms of delivery and return of the service that you purchase from our website. 

Terms of Delivery and Return

Terms of Return;

There is %100 return guarantee, in 15 days without any questioning, for all of our services except for the ones you purchase from www.venois.net and sub-websites (Domain name, SSL certificate, Server services). Return for Domain Registration is out of question because it is done by ICANN and METU (ODTU) automatically and licence is used in server services.

Terms of Cancellation;

For cancellation of the services you purchased from www.venois.net and sub-websites, you need to log in the system by using your user name and password and then send a ticket of request for cancellation. There will be no new invoice for your account next month. Our customers can request for cancellation, without any limitations and whenever they want.

Services can not be counted as canceled unless the customer request for cancellation and inform us in the system. It is an obligation to inform accounting department or someone in charge. .

In case of a purchase by credit card and then ChargeBack without confirmation from Venois, and then objection to payment through bank; this action taker and credit card owner will be accused of charlatanry and imposture and the subject will be denunciated to Public Prosecutor of Istanbul.

Information, addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses of our customers are checked and if there is no problem, the service begins. Orders by credit card from suspicious purchasers and those whose phone number is uncontactable are cancelled.

Installation Time (Delivery);

With payments by credit card, installation is made in maximum 15 minutes. For payments by bank wire transfer, with your username or billing number written on remittance part, installation is made in maximum 1 hour after the payment confirmation.

All insallations are made automatically by automation system after payment and important information about the service provided for you and the installation of it is sent to your e-mail address that you enter when you register.