High performance new generation servers located in Los Angeles, USA.

Venois servers that we host in Los Angeles, America, on a fully backed-up network offer high accessibility and superior performance.

Additionally, each server can be customized to meet all your requirements like high CPU usage, software and custom applications, virtualization and much more.

You can ask for detailed information about server rental service of Venois, of which one of the main principles is to make you experience high quality and seamless server rental service (dedicated servers) with its technological platform, professional team and customized services, via the contact form.

Servers & Pricing

Servers with suitable prices and High Performance Los Angeles, USA Location.

Model CPU Core X GHz RAM HDD Bandwidth IPs Raid KVM Price
Los Angeles
Xeon® E3-1230 v3
3.30 GHz
32 GB 2x 1 TB SATA Unmetered
(100 Mbp/s)
5 $259/mo CONFIGURE
Los Angeles
Xeon® E3-1230 v3
3.30 GHz
32 GB 2x 480 GB SSD Unmetered
(100 Mbp/s)
5 $299/mo CONFIGURE
Los Angeles
Xeon® E5-2630 v3
2.40 GHz
64 GB 2x 1 TB SATA Unmetered
(100 Mbp/s)
5 $369/mo CONFIGURE
Los Angeles
Xeon® E3-1240
3.20 GHz
32 GB 2x 1 TB SATA Unmetered
(100 Mbp/s)
5 $249/mo CONFIGURE


Prominent features of our servers

IP Address / rDNS

Venois is a member of RIPE NCC and serves overs its own IP blocks. It is possible to make rDNS definitions for server IP addresses.

100% Uptime

Venois services are offered with 100% uptime. Our services integrated with full back-up policy provides uninterrupted access possibility for you.

24/7 Customer Relationship

You can reach our support team 24 hours 7 days and request technical support by sending a support ticket via customer panel.


All servers of Venois are Dell PowerEdge and via the Dell iDrac Panel on our servers, you can benefit from our KVM service for free.

Remote Power Access

Via your control panel, you can easily make various operations like reboot – stop for your server easily and fast.

Easy Control Panel

Via our server control panel, you can make any operation related with your server easily and online.


For your servers, we provide seamless, secure, controlled and fast environment with 100% uptime and accessibility.

We offer seamless, fast, reliable and controlled datacenter environment with 100% accessibility and uptime at 11 different locations. You can benefit from server rental and datacenter services with Venois quality over different locations based on your needs.

The Most Preferred Ones

.Istanbul .Los Angeles .Amsterdam

You can be sure that we will always meet all your datacenter needs with Venois’s datacenters at the most important locations of the world, with high connection capacity and advanced security systems. If you need, you can get server rental and datacenter services over St. Louis, Miami, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Hong Kong, Dubai ve Delhi datacenters.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have a look at these frequently asked questions for your questions.

Venois servers that we host in the best datacenter of America on a fully backed-up network offer high accessibility and superior performance.

After your order, your server is delivered to you within 2-4 hours with control panel and operating system that you defined during the order installed. You can let us now your custom requests during the ordering process or via support ticket system on your customer panel after the server is delivered to you.

If the server that you want to rent supports such customizations, yes you can add extra components like disk or RAM. Pricing information and maximum number of components that can be used with the server is listed on the order page with details.

For a server, the maximum number of IP addresses that can be used is 61 (26 vLan Subnet). You should define your IP address requirement before completing your order. If there is no separate information from you, your server is delivered to you with the default number of IP addresses defined for your server plan.

- Placing the server to the cabin after software and hardware installation

- Defining the rented IP addresses to switches and routers

- Installation of operating systems and software stated on configuration pages and once a month re-installation

- RDNS (Reverse DNS) operations

- Identification and solution of hardware problems of the rented server; guaranteed hardware replacement within 4 hours during working hours and 8 hours out of working hours

- Identification and solution of server accessibility and performance problems originated from Venois

- Identification and solution of network problems (speed problems, package loss problems, gateway control etc.) originating from Venois

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